7.7 x 58 Arisaka


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The 7.7 × 58 Arisaka cartridge was the standard military cartridge for the Imperial Japanese Army’s and the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service during World War II. The 7.7×58mm cartridge was designed as the successor of the 6.5×50mmSR cartridge for rifles and machine guns but was never able to fully replace it by the end of the war.  The 7.7×58mm Arisaka, as a sporting cartridge, is suitable for most big game with proper bullet selection.  The 7.7 mm Arisaka uses the same .311–.312 inch bullets as the .303 British  and the standard military load delivered the same muzzle energy as the .303 British.    HornadySierra, Speer and Privi Partizan also produce usable bullets. New brass is available from several companies.

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150gr Priv Part SP




20 rds per box


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