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The .35 Whelen was developed in 1922 as a wildcat cartridgeRemington Arms Company standardized the cartridge as a regular commercial round and first made it available in the Remington model 700 Classic in 1988.  It has since been chambered by other arms makers in bolt-action, semi-automatic and single shot rifles. It has a modest but steady following among big game hunters in North America.One version of its origin is that it was designed by Colonel Townsend Whelen when he was commanding officer of the Frankford Arsenal. In a 1923 issue of American Rifleman Col. Whelen refers to it as “the first cartridge that I designed” and states that, “Mr. James V. Howe undertook this work of making dies, reamers, chambering tools, and of chambering the rifles, all in accordance with my design.” James V. Howe was a toolmaker at the Arsenal and later a founder of Griffin & Howe.

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