6mm Remington


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6mm Remington

Originally intended as a varmint and predator cartridge, the .244 was never factory loaded with bullets over 90 grains. Rifles marked .244 Remington have a 1 in 12-inch (300 mm) twist that may not stabilize the heavier 100 and 105 grain bullets. Originally Remington offered factory ammunition with 75 grain bullets for varmints and 90 grain for deer. In 1963 Remington renamed the cartridge, calling it the 6mm Remington. Rifles marked 6mm Remington have a 1 in 9-inch (230 mm) twist and can stabilize most commercially available 6 mm bullets.[1]

The 6mm Remington has a slight ballistic advantage over the much more popular .243 Winchester due to a slightly larger case capacity. The longer case neck of the 6mm Remington is considered desirable by handloaders. Noted Alabama deer hunter and marksman Creath Davis is a proponent of this caliber.

It was discovered soon after its release as .244 Remington that in the Remington Model 722 rifles the rate of twist used in the barrels would not stabilize heavier bullets weighing more than 90 grains. This led to a poor reputation for the cartridge as being “inaccurate”. Remington soon increased the rate of twist in its Model 722 rifles, but the marketability damage was already done as far as the cartridge was concerned. Therefore the name was changed to 6 mm Remington. The .244 Remington and the 6 mm Remington are identical—only the name changed.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in

100gr Hornady BTSP, 100gr Sierra SP, 75gr Hornady HP, 80gr Hornady GMX, 80gr Sierra Spitzer BT, 85gr Nosler Partition, 95gr Hornady SST


20 round box


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