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The 357 Maximum, formally known as the.357 Remington Maximum or the.357 Max, is a super magnum handgun cartridge originally developed by Elgin Gates as the wildcat.357 SuperMag. The.357 Maximum was introduced into commercial production as a joint-venture by Remington Arms Company and Ruger in 1983 as a new chambering for the Ruger Blackhawk. Shortly thereafter, Dan Wesson Firearms and Thompson/Center Arms introduced firearms in this cartridge. United Sporting Arms chambered it in their Silhouette series single-action revolvers. It is a.357 Magnum case lengthened 0.300 inches. Based on the.357 Magnum cartridge, a revolver or single-shot pistol designed for the.357 Remington Maximum will chamber and fire.357 Magnum, .38 Special, .38 Long Colt, and.38 Short Colt rounds. Intended primarily as a silhouette cartridge, such high velocity and energy levels have hunting applications. SAAMI pressure level for this cartridge is set at 40,000 pounds per square inch.

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158gr Hornady XTP, 180gr Hornady XTP, 125gr Montana Gold HP




50rds per box


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