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The 32 Winchester Special is a rimmed cartridge created in October 1901 for use in the Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle. It is similar in name but unrelated to the.32-20 Winchester cartridge.  The .32 Winchester Special cartridge, like the .30-30 Winchester cartridge of 1895, is based on the .38-55 Winchester cartridge of 1884. Both the .32 Winchester Special and the .30-30 Winchester are necked down versions of the .38-55 Winchester cartridge. The .32 Winchester Special (.321) differs from the .30-30 Winchester (.308) in bullet diameter. More significantly, Winchester decreased the rate of rifling twist in their Model 94 rifle, from 1:12 when chambered for the .30-30 to 1:16 when chambered for the .32 Winchester Special. Winchester used the slower twist to reduce fouling retention when creating a new cartridge for sportsmen who wanted to reload their own ammunition using black powder and cast bullets.[3] It was also marketed as something more powerful than the .30-30 and yet had less recoil than the .30 Army.[2][4] This new cartridge enjoyed only moderate success, and remained hampered by the small selection of available bullets in the .321 diameter.[2] There is a wide selection of bullet types and weights for the .30-30, while the only commonly available bullets in .321 diameter are 170 grain and 165 grain. Also, due to the slow twist of the barrel, accuracy suffered when the barrel exhibited wear.

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170gr Speer JFN, 170gr MBW HCLD FNGC, 150gr Maker Bullet Copper, 165gr Hornady FTX, 170gr Hornady Flat Nose


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