300 Blackout/Whisper

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300 Blackout/Whisper

The Whisper family of firearm cartridges is a group of wildcat cartridges developed in the early 1990s by J.D. Jones of SSK Industries. The Whisper Family was developed as a line of accurate, multi-purpose cartridges using relatively heavy rifle bullets for a given caliber in subsonic loads. The intention was to create an extremely accurate cartridge family for military, police, competition and specialized hunting markets that could also be easily sound suppressed.

While all cartridges in the Whisper family must be capable of accuracy using subsonic loads, most of the smaller caliber cartridges of the family (.308″ and under) are also capable of being loaded to supersonic velocities using relatively lightweight bullets for their caliber, increasing their utility.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in
300 Blackout/Wisper

110gr FMJ, 110gr Soft Point, 110gr V-Max, 125gr Soft Point, 168gr HPBT Mtch, 208gr A-Max


50 Round Box


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