Some of the time a customer does not fill out the “Create an Account” during the checkout process due to a variety of things.

And sometimes we get a comment about a product that would help others in their search for that or other products, but it comes

in on the contact sheet instead of their account where it should go directly to the web page for others to see.  We encourage our customers

to fill that portion of the checkout out to help others.  One of our hottest products, the 284 Winchester, just received a positive comment

through email that we feel is beneficial to others and am posting it here for others to see.  It was submitted by customer and it goes like

this:  I just want to say, I saw a rifle that wasn’t grouping at all! 5-6″ or worse at 115 yds.! Owner thought the problem was something with scope or the gun! Fortunately, deer season put pressure on him to get ammo quick! He couldn’t find ammo in the older rifle’s caliber except online through your company! He ordered 1 box! Zeroed last weekend here at the ranch with a group less than 1″ at 115 yards! Made a believer out of him! He said he never thought big name, big store less expensive ammo could be such a disappointment! Thanks! And keep up the great quality control! Sincerely , Mike in south central Texas! By the way… it was model 88 Winchester in .284 with 139 gr bullets that did the trick! 

And the next day we received this recommendation from the guy that Mike was referring to and this is what he had to say!!

You have posted a note from Mike about a .284 shooter. I am that guy. Thank you for the first class product.

Max         We appreciate the kind words from both of these guys!!!


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