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Re-manufactured Ammunition is made with fully reprocessed once-fired brass. There is much misinformation floating around about ammunition that uses once-fired brass.  We urge you to educate yourself before dismissing this quality ammunition, which is both economical and available.

Choosing ammunition that uses once-fired brass doesn’t have to mean a step down in quality or reliability. Don’t make the mistake of confusing “reloads” produced by a hobbyist on a home press with Black Dog Ammunition’s commercially manufactured ammunition that is produced using commercial loading machines and a well-designed process with stringent quality control.

“Reloads” refers to previously loaded ammo that was pulled apart, the components separated, and various components, from who knows where, are “reloaded” from the various bins of pulled parts.  None of these components are processed and contain many flaws.  Black Dog Ammunition does not use any pulled or reloaded ammunition.

All of our ammo is newly factory loaded on modern state of the art progressive machines using new bullets, powder, primers.

Every fully processed round is manufactured in the same exact way as our new brass rounds and undergoes the same stringent quality control checks to insure that it is both safe and reliable. The only difference is that our once-fired brass is subject to a more exhaustive case processing and inspection process.

Each case is inspected to remove cracked, bent, or damaged casings, cleaned and polished, primers and crimps removed, pockets reamed, cases resized and trimmed to insure proper length, cleaned and polish again, and final inspections which produce casings with the same quality specs as new brass.

Black Dog Ammunition acquires our once fired brass from several different sources, then fully process’s the brass  to like new SAMMI specs.

Ammunition brass has a work life far exceeding a single use.  Most competitive shooters will reuse their brass at least seven to nine times! They prefer processed brass as they are held to stricter qualifications and inspected with more scrutiny, assuring quality, economy, along with availability.

Black Dog Ammunition uses clean burning powders and  bullets from manufacturers like Hornady, Sierra, Nosler, Barnes, Rainier, Berrys and Rimrock Bullets and some others on an occasional basis; so that after you leave the range you don’t spend valuable time scrubbing your gun and barrel clean. All rounds are inspected to ensure it will chamber in the tightest chamber allowed by SAAMI.

Shoot with confidence with premium ammo and be safe in your shooting sport.  Buy with confidence when you purchase ammunition from Black Dog Ammunition.

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