If you encounter a problem with placing your order, please double check that you have filled out all of the information correctly.  All required fields must be checked for your order to process correctly.  One of the main reasons that an order is declined is that the “Terms and Conditions” has not been checked.  It is the last item to be checked before proceeding to “Checkout”.  One other item is that the CVV code on the back of your credit card is incorrect.  This code is matched to your billing address.  If your billing address does not match the card number, it will be declined.  Many of us forget our billing address, especially when it differs from our shipping or physical address.  Please be careful when filling out this information, one little misque will cause the credit card processing to reject the card.

If you continue to have a “Declined Transaction” during processing, please call and we will process it manually.  If you do encounter difficulties, you may call up to 10:00PM to process manually.  Most of the time there will be someone available to take your call.  We really appreciate your business and make every effort to make your purchase go as smoothly as possible.

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